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Coil Spring - 75mm Height - Front
Coil Spring - 75mm Height - Front

Coil Spring - 75mm Height - Front

Part Number: C59-354

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Linear Rate

To Fit:

Toyota Hilux KUN25/26
2005 on

Toyota Hilux Revo
2015 on
75mm Lift
Heavy Duty
50-80Kg Accessories

Vehicles fitted with these springs MUST be fitted with Shock Absorber GS59-220.

Dobinsons Coil Springs Dobinsons proudly manufacture the highest quality replacement coil springs for many different applications.

Original Equipped coil springs are prone to sagging (especially the rear) and therefor cannot satisfactorily carry increased loads. Dobinsons manufacture after market coil springs to restore the ride height with their improved design coils. In most cases, the coil is 20% - 40% stronger then the original OME spring, ensuring the customer receives the best spring to suit their application and avoids a “One Size Fits All” scenario, especially important when selecting the correct spring rates and ride heights. This gives better load carrying capacity's for heavier loads and enhances road handling while also improving towing capacities.

Dobinson springs also have in some cases a progressive rate design spring to suit some particular vehicle needs. The progressive rate spring design provides both excellent rides unlade and a much needed increase in load in carrying capacity when required. This is achieved by making the pitch distance between the coils closer together at one end leaving less active coils working in the spring.?This increases the rate tremendously, giving better load carrying capacity.

• State of the Art Heat Treatment: Hardening and tempering eliminate breakage and sagging.

• Formed On Precision Mandrels: Achieving perfect pitch in every spring.

• High Intensity Shot Peening: giving longer life.

• Precise End Configurations: designed to fit directly into the original vehicle mounting points.

• Powder Coat Finish: Providing extreme protection against the elements.

• Fully Scragged: Eliminates spring sag.

• Load Tested: Ensuring they meet and maintain the required specifications.

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