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Dobinsons Snorkel - 70 Series Narrow Nose Cruiser

Dobinsons Snorkel - 70 Series Narrow Nose Cruiser

Part Number: SN59-3375

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Dobinsons Snorkel to suit:
Landcruiser 71, 73, 75, 78, 79 Series 85-07 4.2D
(Narrow front models, Does not replace genuine snorkel)

Whether you are crossing the desert or a river, your engine should be protected from excess water intake and free of dust.
A Dobinsons snorkel will ensure your engine is kept dry and the air intake is cleaner.

Installing a snorkel to your 4x4 is considered one of the most essential modifications made to your vehicle before heading out on extended trips or before taking your 4x4 through deep water crossings.

The original air intake position on most 4x4 vehicles is under the bonnet or inside the wheel arch, areas prone to high heat and water and dust ingress.

Features include:

Rotationally moulded using precision CNC shaped aluminium dies
Increases air intake height rams cooler, cleaner air into the engine to help provide improved engine performance
Increases air intake height to allow safer water crossings and reduce dust intake
Manufactured from high quality UV stabilised LLDPE
Snorkel kits include template, fitting instructions and all mounting hardware