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PSR D22 Navara Diff Drop System

PSR D22 Navara Diff Drop System

Part Number: PSRNAV-014

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Performance suspension’s diff drop is a solution that allows lowering of the diff to reduce CV angle when a lift is installed. The front OE pressed steel X-member is replaced with a solid Xmm CNC machined X-member and is designed to bolt into position without modification and accept the OE bash plate if required. The front rubber bushed diff mounts are re-used and bolted to the new x-member but in the rear X-member a Poly-urethane bush is used for 2 benefits, First is to drop the rear of the diff down as the crush tube is offset and the second is to locate the diff to reduce diff movement under torque, thus reducing the risk of further CV damage due to the joint pulling apart while in motion. The front X-member plus the rear offset bushes combine to drop the diff down and reduce CV angle to give greater joint life and reduce the risk of damage when off roading.