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PSR LN106 Adjustable Torque Arm

PSR LN106 Adjustable Torque Arm

Part Number: PSRHIL-006

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Toyota Hilux 4WD Saf 11/1983-11/1997 Front Torque Arms.

Performance Suspensions SAF Leaf sprung hilux torque arm has been re-designed to provide less restriction when suspension is at droop, one end is offset to provide a straighter working angle and less bind on the bushes when flexing. Adjustable to a minimum length of 300mm and out to 450mm this arm suits both std height and extreme lift vehicle. Adjuster is made in a right and left hand 18mm thread so fine adjustments can be made without sacrificing strength. Arm is tig welded, comes with new rubber bushes and finished in black to blend with the chassis. Arm also takes OE bushes so when bush replacement is needed any replacement brand can be used.