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Diesel Pre Filters

The Direction Plus™ Diesel Pre-Filter kits are designed to be your ultimate first line of defence against water and particle contamination for a wide variety of diesel engine powered applications.

The versatility of installing a diesel fuel pre-filter kit allows the user to have the optimum fuel system filtration combined with exceptional economy.

The system is designed to match weather and fuel quality conditions of Australia & New Zealand. From the humidity of Northern Queensland to the dry cool climate of South Australia, all the way down to frosty Invercargill NZ. The diesel fuel pre-filter kit is designed to remove water and other contaminants from our Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel (ULSD) which is more susceptible to water emulsification, that is water molecules suspended in diesel, and is harder to remove than in traditional diesel fuel. This is why old technology, such as sedimenters work relatively well removing water in its’ entirety, but struggle with emulsified water, the contaminant you can’t see.
The high flow filter used in the kits reduce the amount of restriction added to the system. Increased system restriction can be as devastating as water ingress. System restriction can cause cavitation. The result of this is extremely aggressive wear on internal components which has the ability to destroy fuel injection systems very quickly.

The benefits:
– Reduce wear and tear and avoid repair costs that
can exceed $10,000
– 95% water separation and superior particle removal
– Ability to separate emulsified water from ULSD
– Clear water drainage bowl to easily identify removed water
– No filter bypass – contaminated fuel will not be sent to the
fuel system even when the filter is blocked

Included in the kit:
– Filter assembly (including water bowl)
– Model specific laser cut stainless bracket
– Spare filter element
– All hoses required for the job
– Nuts, bolts, washers & clamps
– Installation instructions
– LED water sensor (optional)
– Hand primer (optional)
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