About Us

About Trundles Automotive Ltd.

Established over a decade ago, Trundles Automotive is proud to have grown to become an industry-leading manufacturer and supplier of 4x4 vehicle parts & accessories in New Zealand and Australia. This industry recognition has been achieved through their extensive product research which allows them to develop superior products that have shown to outperform their competitors time and time again.

Trundles Automotive’s passion for building premier 4x4 parts is driven by their team of innovative mechanics and product engineers who, between them, have over 100 years of experience in the automotive industry.

During the product testing process, the team pushes their concepts to their limit in order to guarantee its quality before putting it on the market. For our consumers, this gives them the confidence and peace of mind that all 4x4 vehicle parts with the Trundles stamp are of superior quality and will get the job done.