About Profender 4X4 Suspension

Trundles Automotive is proud to be the sole distributor of Profender 4x4 Suspension in New Zealand.

We only sell brands that we trust and have tested ourselves both with our offroad racing GQ Safari and in our daily 76 Series Landcruiser. 

Our Profender Range

Twin Tube 40mm Bore Shock

Profender Twin tube shocks are designed with a big 40mm piston and a big 20mm shaft that provides excellent performance suited for heavy duty use. This perfect specification allows the driver to enjoy a more comfortable and improved ride.

- 40mm Bore
- 20mm Shaft
- 60mm Outer shell
- All Weather Hydraulic oil
- Teflon Piston Rings  
- Sandvik Shock Absorber Valve control for accurate damping force
- 100% QC and Dyno Test

Adjustable Height Mono Tube 2.0

These shocks share the same specs as the Monotube Remote Reservoir Shock only without the reservoir.

The advantage here is not having to find a place to mount the reservoir.

Vehicles using these shocks can still perform very well in difficult terrains as there is still an ample amount of oil and gas to control the movement of the shock.

These shocks are fully rebuildable and revalveable, to allow for tuning suitable for your needs, and should the need arise to fix the shock should they become damaged. 

Fine adjustments can still be made by filling up or releasing Nitrogen in the shock body instead of the reservoir.

Min. Pressure 80 PSI -
Max. Pressure 200 PSI -
Pressure Set From Factory 150 PSI -
46mm Piston with Teflon -
20mm Super Polished Shaft -
53mm Outer Body -
Cr+3 Surface Finish -

Profender Monotube Remote Reservoir Front Left Shock Absorber for Mazda BT-50 Series II 2011-2020 - Trundles Automotive

Adjustable Reservoir Shock 2.0

Remote Reservoirs are for universal fitment.

In a Universal application, there is different sizes to serve your needs. Plain Bearing Ball joint is self lubricant and suited for heavy duty use or even competition use. The hole diameter is 16mm on both ends which is very strong and match all heavy duty applications.

The advanced piston provides ultimate performance that comes with high precision and a super polished shaft. They are chromed and induction heat treated which adds more strength to endure all road conditions, and heavy duty use.

These are made of the highest quality material that allows them provide excellent performance. 100% QC tested and Aluminum components are all machined to reach excellent tolerances.

Profender Air Shock

A new innovation from Profender is the 2.5" Profender Air Shock. This shock is light weight and heavy duty. It is made of high performance and premier materials. It has a huge shaft measuring 1.625" and designed like our typical air shocks. 2.5" Profender Air Shock has its promise of providing its users the best and comfortable rides!

This new type of air shock is suggested to anyone considering using the 2.0 air shocks but is also considering and concerned about the strength and durability of the shock being affected by the weight of the vehicle. Just like all our products, 2.5" Profender Air Shock, is made of high quality, premier and durable materials.

Adjusting the compression ratio is done by decreasing or increasing the amount of oil. The 2.5" Profender Air Shock must be installed vertically to experience excellent performance especially in off road conditions. This product is a good and recommended alternative for the Coil Over Suspension.

Triple Bypass 2.5 Shocks

The Profender Triple Bypass 2.5“ shock provides ultimate performance when it comes to hard and super fast offroad races. This high-end shock absorber comes along with two external bypass tubes for compression adjustment and one bypass tube for rebound adjustment. The adjustment can be done stepless from the outside. The massive construction of the shock and the usage of a big external oil reservoir prevents the shock from being overheated. On this way the damping performance can be maintained on the hardest conditions.

The nitrogen pressure can be adjusted via valve on the back of the reservoir (100 – 250 psi). Further adjustments in compression and rebound can be made by changing the internal valving. The shock is fully rebuildable.

Coil Over Shock Absorber 2.0

The Profender 2.0 Coilover is ideal for any vehicle from a recreational buggy to an offroad racing truck.

The coilovers come in a variety of sizes from 12-16 inch travel.

Profender shocks are fully rebuildable, servicable and rebuildable .This means you only have to by them once and you can alter them if you change the weights of the vehicle of or you put them in another vehicle. 

All spare parts are available and we can rebuild, service or re-valve these shocks.

Profender Bumpstop Series

Profender Bumpstop Series allows travel shocks to reach the maximum performance as needed. 3.0 inches and 4.0 inches stroke are made to handle all suspensions. Best Piston provides ultimate performance that comes with high precision and super polished shafts. They are chromed and inducted to add more strength for heavy duty use and all other road conditions.

- 52mm outer body, 32mm piston rod suited for any use even in competitions
- Made of high quality material that provides superior performance
- 100% QC Tested
- Aluminum components are machined for excellent tolerance
- Contact pad is made from highly precise specification Polyurethane
- Luxurious design

All Profender products carry a 1-year warranty against faulty workmanship.